We all (should) know that the safe working angle for a leaning ladder is 70-75 degrees but did you know that most manufacturer's labels have a thick, straight line through them called the 'Vertical Line indicator' that should be plumb when the ladders are set at the correct working angle. Posher ladders may come with a 'pyramid' or similar angle indicator but these days there really is no excuse for not getting it right. (Ps a Pyramid is a triangle usually slotted into one of the rungs with a tiny metal ball in it. When the ball is in the centre of the triangle the ladders are at the right angle).

Ladder Log

Free Stationery and Downloads

All Ladder Log documents, including the ‘Ladder Inspection Checklists’ and ‘Guidance for Ladder Inspectors’ can be downloaded for free. That means:

  • There are no stationary costs associated with using Ladder Log
  • You will always have the most up to date documents and information

Simply create a user account and login and you will be able to access a wide range of useful documents and replacement stationary.

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Ladder Log

Free Plastic Ties with Every Holder

The ladder Association offer the following guidance about attaching inspection tags and holders to ladders:

  • They should not weaken the ladder or require the invasive modification of the ladder e.g. drilling, screwing or riveting
  • As Ladder Log holders are designed to be used with plastic ties we now give you the required ties free with every order

Keeping you up to date with best practice without hurting your wallet.